OCEANSIDE, MD – This festival has been hampered by inclement weather.

The first Oceans Calling Music Festival was canceled in 2017 due to the leftovers of Hurricane “Ian.”

Setup crews were behind schedule this week because to a storm last weekend and windy conditions this week.

However, as tens of thousands of people arrived in Ocean City on Friday morning, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the gates finally opened at exactly noon.

They went from nearby Delmarva and Maryland to distant regions such as Michigan, South Carolina, and beyond.

According to guests, the festival’s diverse roster attracted them in.

There are many throwbacks from the 1990s, which I feel everyone likes, according to Missy Shade, a visitor from Berks County, Pennsylvania. Someone fresh appears every single day. And being at the beach in the fall is simply delightful.

The Oceans Calling Festival is a gathering aimed to appeal to people of all ages, transcend generational differences via music, and build family bonds.

“We love Alanis!” screamed Mandy and her daughter Molly Reeder, who were visiting from Calvert County, Maryland. My favorite is her. It is a family issue. My child will meet her for the first time, and this will be my third interaction with her, according to Mandy.

Some guests claimed the festival reminded them of a more carefree moment in their lives.

“We simply thought we’d come down and enjoy it, so. “Every song that reminds us of college, literally,” said Rebecca and Brayden Gruchow, guests from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Sirens of Greek mythology, who used their song to entice sailors into peril, are just one example of the long and complicated cultural history that connects music with the sea.

However, this weekend’s siren call of Ocean City, played by singers such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and OAR, beckons sailors and more to family fun rather than hazard.

“I’m kind of a foodie, so the food in Ocean City is always a good time, and you know, getting to spend some quality time with good people is always good,” Brandon Tufillaro, who was visiting from Elmira, New York, said.

Even before the doors opened, some attendees were planning Oceans Calling 2024.

Tufillaro stated, “I’ll be back for Oceans Calling the following year.” We adore Ocean City and look forward to returning every year for our vacation.

So, on the Ocean City boardwalk, we begin what we hope will become a new family tradition.

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